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The Saaski Gallery provides the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with an eclectic mix of paintings and sculpture, originating from a wide range of Pacific Rim cultures. The gallery occupies about 2,000 square feet of space in the Research International building in Monroe, Washington, about 25 miles northeast of Seattle.

Gallery Owners: Elric and Leonie Saaski The gallery owners are Elric and Leonie Saaski. Elric is an energetic entrepreneur and inventor who has founded several successful high-tech companies over the past 30 years. He presently owns Research International, a research and development firm formed in 1990. Leonie, originally from Australia, brings to the business a professional background that ranges from teaching business technology at the college level to money market fund management.

The idea for the gallery emerged from a fortunate combination of circumstances. Elric and Leonie have always been avid art collectors with interests in a broad range of styles and mediums. Because the nature of their technology business necessitates overseas travel several times each year, they have frequent opportunities add to their international art collection. In 2001, when they relocated their business to a large building in Monroe, they realized it had ample excess space to accommodate not just their own growing private collection, but an entire gallery large enough to represent artists from all over the Seattle area. Thus The Saaski Gallery was created.

17161 Beaton Road SE*
Monroe, WA 98072-1034
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*In the Research International building

(360) 794-7844

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